Friday, May 09, 2008

Ambira on path to recovery

Prof Uday Damodaran from Jamshedpur campus is currently in Dubai. He visited Ambira earlier today and had this to report:

Went and visited Ambira. Was really happy to see her in good spirits (and to see her mother's positive attitude) Ambira was in good spirits, chirpy and chatty. She had only two 'worries':

1. Losing out on attendance in Prof. Premarajan's course (!!) 2. Is sick of hospital food (rice, rice, rice...) Wanted Appam and stew

a. About the first, told her that we will 'handle' Prem
b. About the second promised to get her some good authentic mallu appams tomorrow] [Come to think of it both her 'worries' have a mallu connection]

Please convey news to others. And, Ambira and her mother are touched and moved by the numerous XLers who are calling on them, sending messages, helping out.


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