Thursday, May 22, 2008

IIM - XLRI Alumni Meet on the 30th of May (KUWAIT)

Dear All,
it is indeed a great achievement for all of us to identify around 62 of us in this small but rich country:)
Wanted to share with you couple of action points where we would definitely require your suggestions.

1. Location - When we were planning the event a week back we had never expected to reach the numbers that have now. We are expecting a gathering of close to 120 people, which includes all of us along with our families, guests from the Kuwait Corporate Houses, Officials from the Indian Embassy, our sponsors (I am not sure as to how many we are going to have now), and representatives from the media. We had initially booked the Le Meridean (we had been able to negotiated a rate of 7 kd per person) but now it seems that we might not be able to accomodate ourselves into it. The other options that we are considering are Safir International (they are asking for around 10 KD per person) and Hotel Ritz in Salmiya (they are also asking for around 7 kd per person). Please let us know of your views with this.

2. Sponsorship -
We are trying our best to have our meet sponsored and for the purpose, we have requested our company (Alshaya), and would also like to request all of you kindly help us with this in our respective companies or with those who you feel can help us with this event. I have attached along with this email a proposal that we, at Alshaya, have created and have shared it with our top management for taking a decision.

3. Inviting the Indian Ambassador
- Ours is not a registered organisation and hence the protocol restricts his visit. There are now 2 options available to us:
a. Have our Association registered before the meet and invite him. This would entail nominating some office bearers for the registration purpose and later having democratic process of electing the office bearers.
b. Going ahead without inviting the Ambassador but inviting some other important officials from the Indian Embassy.

4. Inviting other Dignitaries -
We would like your views and help of having some more dignitaries from the Kuwait Corporate Houses being invited for the meet.

5. Agenda -
Below is the agenda that we have planned for the meet and would like to have your views on it.
Introduction, "KUWAIT IIM & XLRI Chapter : Road Ahead" & Vote of Thanks
5 minutes
7.00 pm
7.05 pm
MBAs Going Global (Alumni Achievements)
25 minutes
7.05 pm
7.30 pm
Nostalgia @ IIMs/ XLRI (Campus Tour)
15 minutes
7.30 pm
7.45 pm
Kuwait IIM- XLRI alumni meet Inaugration - Appreciation & Thoughts for Chapter - "The Rise of India"
Inaugration Ceremony & Speech
Indian Embassy Official
15 minutes
7.45 pm
8.00 pm
Memories of Campus & Words of Encouragement (From Senior Alumni)
Senior most Alumni
10 minutes
8.02 pm
8.12 pm
Expectations from Alumni (Kuwait Corporate House)
Guest 1
10 minutes
8.14 pm
8.24 pm
Expectations from Alumni (Kuwait Corporate House)
Guest 2
10 minutes
8.26 pm
8.36 pm
Presentation by Lead Sponsor

10 minutes
8.46 pm
8.56 pm
Press Release to Media representatives & Photo Session
10 minutes
9.00 pm
9.10 pm
Game of Housie (1 number to be announced between each point discussed above and the final set of numbers to be announced before musical event)
Intermittent Entertainment Activity
Anshuman (Moderator)
10 minutes
Distribution of Souvenirs (Prize to Housie Winner, Gifts for Guest including Choclates for kids) & Invitation for Dinner
Gift Distribution
10 minutes
9.15 pm
9.25 pm
Musical Event
Calden/ Taranjeet
15 minutes
9.30 pm
9.45 pm
Please use the following the spreadsheet is as follows:

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