Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ambira Update & Dubai meet with Prof Sarin-May 15th

XLer Trevor D'Souza went to visit Ambira yesterday and he reported that :

Yesterday,popped in to Rashid hospital to wish Ambira on her Birthday and for a speedy recovery. The good Filipina nurses in the Trauma Ward sang birthday greetings in the morning to pep up her spirits. She was in fine fettle.

Met Prof Sharad Sarin & his wife, Prof Uday Damodaran and Radhakrishnan and had a spirited converasation. Radha, Sharad and self came up with the idea of having an XL get together on Thursday the 15th as Sharad Sarin would like to met all the Xlers and be able to make it by 9.00 pm after his class. He will then be sprinted/ whisked away to the airport to catch the 2.00 am flight to Cal as was done a year ago. Radha has graciously volunteered to arrange the venue at the India Club if there is no other place.However he requires the no. of attendees for doing the needful in informing the Club.

Johnson/ Leya could you kindly muster in the crowd as always with your excellent organizational & persuasive skills& graciousness.
Warm regards,

XLer Leya also asks if someone can help get an appointment for Ambira:
Ambira’s mother wants to have a second opinion regarding her fitness to travel. The earliest appt with the Dubai Neuro Spinal Clinic we have got is 19th May so we are trying with the Bone & Joint clinic but they also seem to be full up.

If anyone have any contacts with the Dubai Bone & Joint centre and can help to get an earlier appt, please let me know.


Again, if anyone wants to sms Ambira, the number is +971503832367
The phone will be with her mother (or whoever is with her) ; the reception in the hospital is very poor and it is difficult to get through. SMS is preferable to phone calls which may disturb her when she is resting.

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